This page covers the main features available in the Requestly SDK for Android apps.
Debugging requests from the android app can be challenging when you have to set up proxies and SSL certificates every time. Requestly Android SDK lets you intercept and modify the traffic from an android app without setting any proxy on the device. Setup once and your whole team from devs to QAs to Product Managers to CTO/CEO can instantly debug requests.
  • ✅ In-app API Inspector
  • ✅ In-app Analytics Events Inspector
  • ✅ Simple 5-Line Integration
  • ✅ No SSL Certificates Installation or Proxy Hassles
  • ✅ Modify API Response, Throttle Network, Reroute Traffic, etc
  • ✅ Collaborate with teammates in a single click
  • ✅ Completely Open Source


In-app API Inspector


In-app Events Inspector


Simple 5-Line Integration

Requestly SDK Initialization
Requestly Okhttp Interceptor

Completely Open Source

Requestly Open Source