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Modify DOM / Inject Scripts

Using Insert Scripts Rule, you can make on-the-fly changes to a webpage content. It allows you to automate, scrape & change webpages behaviour without needed to access the page source code.

Insert Script Rule
Insert Script Rule
  1. Source Condition: Source condition is where you set criteria for the rules. You can use URL, Host, or Path with Regex, Contains, Wildcard, or Equals to match the source request. Learn more about source conditions here.
  2. Script Language: The specific script language (JS/CSS) that needs to be inserted.
  3. Script Source: Source Code or URL of the script that needs to be inserted.
  4. Script Load Time: When is the script loaded in the webpage. (Before Page Load/After Page Load)
  • Inject popular libraries or hosted scripts or execute custom code-snippet before or after page load using a simple rule builder.
  • Themify Twitter according to you. Remove/hide unwanted sections from the page.