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Modify Query Params

Using Requestly, you can modify the query params that are send to the server. You Add a new query param, change the value of the existing param or remove all/specific query param from the URL.

Query Param Rule
Query Param Rule
  1. Source Condition: Source condition is where you set criteria for the rules. You can use URL, Host or Path with Regex, Contains, Wildcard or Equals to match the source request. Learn more about source conditions here.
  2. Param Modification: You can perform query param modification here. You can Add, Remove, Override the query params of the matched URL.
  3. Source Filters: You can define better targeting conditions and restrict rules to be applied on specific webpages (or domains), request types, request methods, or request payload. Learn more about source filters here.
  • Remove UTM tracking parameters.
  • Using query params, you can burst cache for a request by assigning it a newer version.
  • Sending additional Information to some API calls to inform your backend & database that this is internal testing.