Troubleshooting Browser Extension

This explains how to troubleshoot if the rules are not working even if the Requestly extension is installed in the browser.

Check - Permissions are given to the extension (Most Common Miss)

  • Visit chrome://extensions
  • Click on the Details button of the requestly extension
  • Give access on all sites
Site access option for the extension

Check - Extension is enabled in Chrome Settings

  • Visit chrome://extensions
  • Check if the extension is enabled or not.
Enabled Extension

Check - Extension is activated

It might be possible that you might have deactivated the extension by mistake. Right Click on Requestly Extension Icon and see if your extension is enabled or not.
Screenshot of an activated extension
You might refer to the deactivate feature documentation for more information here .

Check - Status of Group under which rule is present is active

The group should be active for the rules inside it to work
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