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Getting Started - Setup Guide

First time setup

    Go to the link
    Download and install the app for you suitable platform (OSX)
    Enable Requestly in Security & Privacy option in System Preferences by clicking on Open Anyway.
Also set Allow apps downloaded from option to App Store and identified developers else you have to repeat this every time you open the app.
    You are now all setup to use to use Requestly on top of other apps. Enjoy!!



    Launch App on system startup : Whether to start Requestly on system startup.


We setup a proxy server on your system to intercept requests on your system and modify them as per the rules made by you. This is required so that all the rules work properly.
    Default Host : Default host for proxy.
    Default Port : Default port for proxy.
    Auto Apply on startup : Whether to apply proxy on app startup.
    Auto Remove on close : Whether to remove proxy on app startup.


We need to install certificates for the proxy server so that it can also intercept https requests properly and modify them as per the rules.
    Auto install : Auto installed certificates if not already present. (sudo access required)
    Auto install on each rule change: Auto install certificates on each rule change.


View Traffic

You can see the traffic intercepted by the Requestly proxy in this window.

New Rule

Create a new rule from here.

Import Rules

Import rules from your pc.
If you are already a user of Requestly Web, then you can download the rules from there and then import them in the Desktop App.

Report a Bug

Report any bug you found in the app.
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