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Understanding different Rule Types

Rules allows you to define conditions that, when met, trigger a certain action. With Requestly, you can take complete control over the HTTP requests that flow through your browser.

Rule Types

  • Redirect Rule - Redirect scripts, APIs, Stylesheets, or any other resource from one environment to another.
  • Replace Rule - Replace parts of URL like hostname, query value.
  • Modify Headers Rule - Modify HTTP request & response headers.
  • Modify Response Rule - Override API responses with static data or programmatically.
  • Modify Request Rule - Override API request body with static data or programmatically modify existing request payload.
  • Insert Scripts Rule - Inject Custom JavaScript (JS) or Styles (CSS) to any website.
  • Query Param Rule - Add or Remove Query Parameters.
  • Cancel Rule - Block network requests or entire websites to avoid distraction.
  • Delay Rule - Introduce latency or delay to the response from specific URLs.
  • User-Agent Rule - Emulate website behviour on different devices/browsers.