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Getting Started With Requestly Desktop App

Requestly desktop app helps you Intercept, Record & Modify HTTP(s) requests for all browsers, Android and iOS apps. Available on all platforms, You can install the desktop app from the downloads page.


Go to Connected Apps section to launch a browser or Connect to external devices like Android & iOS apps.

Intro Video

  • Switch environment for JS Code & APIs
    • e.g. Loading JS/APIs from dev environment on production sites
  • Swapping scripts on live client sites
    • e.g. Swap Tag Manager or other SaaS solution scripts from prod version to staging version
  • Testing & Debugging Content-Security-Policy Header
  • Debugging CORS Issues (Using Modify Headers and modifying Access-Control-* headers)
  • Debugging (or Modifying) API responses in production sites
  • Manipulating Query Parameters for testing purposes
    • Highly used in Ad Pixels & Analytics testing
  • Modifying GraphQL Queries sent to the server programatically and test handling in app
  • Testing different failover and edge cases in app by serving different API responses
  • Simulating latency on APIs and other resources like scripts & Images
  • Testing your app with 4xx or 5xx HTTP response status codes
  • Save and share network session with teammates for collaborative debugging.
  • You can review network requests, inspect response payloads, and analyze the sequence of events during the debugging session.

Traffic Table and filtering

After connecting apps, all the network traffic is logged in the traffic table. The traffic table supports filtering based on-

  • method, status code, content type.
  • apps or domains

Traffic table can be searched using keyword as well as using regex.

request right-click
Filtering on network traffic table

Right-click on a network request for more options

When right-clicking any request, a context menu is opened which shows options to copy URL, copy cURL, edit and replay the request, create rules etc.

request right-click
Right-click on request

Edit and replay a request

Any of the network request edited and replayed by right-clicking on it and selecting edit and replay.

request right-click
Edit and replay the request


You can visit Requestly's Github repository to stay updated with our progress, report bugs, and submit requests to our team.