Rules not working

    Click on Certificate > Install Certificate.
    Click on Proxy > Apply Proxy.

Sites not opening on browser after closing the app (Proxy Issue)

In Requestly app menu bar, navigate to Proxy > Remove Proxy.
Now check if it works or not. If it still doesn't works, then try the steps below.


    Open System Preferences for you system.
    Navigate to Network > Advanced > Proxies.
    Uncheck Web Proxy (HTTP) and Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS)
    Press Ok and Apply.

Certs issue on browser

If your browser shows issue related to certificates, then
    In menu bar, navigate to Certificate > Install Certificate.
    This will prompt you for your password (sudo access is required)
    Click OK. Now you app should be working fine.

Websites getting redirected even after closing the app

    Open Devtools of the browser.
    Navigate to Network tab.
    Check on Disable cache checkbox and refresh the page without closing the devtools window.
Last modified 1yr ago