This guide provides step by step instructions to install Requestly on your web browser.

Chrome Extension

Go to Requestly Chrome Store Page and click on Add to Chrome button. Yes That’s all you need.
Visit your Dashboard to setup rules to modify network requests, inject custom scripts/stylesheets on web pages.

Microsoft Edge Add-on

To install Requestly on Microsoft, go to the Requestly Edge Add On page and click on Get button and that's it.
Visit your Dashboard to explore the different rule types and setup your rules.

Firefox Add-on

Note: You must use Firefox (with version 49 or greater) to complete following steps.
If you are in Firefox with version greater than 49, click here to start the installation. Allow the file to download and that's it, you can now use Requestly on Firefox!
You can now setup your rules to modify network requests, inject custom scripts/ style sheets on web pages and what not! As we say – Simplicity is our first motto and we want you to experience the power of simplicity via this beautiful extension to your browsers.

Opera Extension

Opera is chromium based browser so any extension which is available in Chrome Store can be directly installed in Opera browsers. Here are the steps you can try

Customer Support

Please open a new issue in our customer support - https://github.com/requestly/customer-support/issues or ask us on slack.
If you are a premium user or need help with payment/billing related issue, you can also drop us an email at [email protected]