Pinning Rules & Groups

Requestly makes toggling rules and groups extremely easy with the Pin functionality. Learn how you can make use of it...

Why should I pin rules and groups?

Pinning rules and groups allows you to instantly toggle their active status. Don't like a rule turned on? Simply click the Requestly extension icon and disable it, instead of opening the web app and meddling with the long lists of rules.

How do I pin rules and groups?

If you have the Requestly extension pinned, just click its icon, or, just click the 'puzzle piece' icon in your Chromium browser and pin the extension.
Once the extension popup opens, you'll see something like this:
Here you'll see your pinned rules and groups.
To pin a group or a rule, simply press the pin button. This rule or group will now appear in your extension.
Now you can quickly toggle your rules here. Even better, you can toggle all grouped rules at once by toggling their group in one go. Toggling pinned rules and groups can be really helpful when you quickly need to switch between multiple rule-sets.