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Debug HTTPs requests in iOS Simulator

To start debugging the network traffic of your apps running inside iOS simulator, follow these steps

  1. Download & install Requestly Desktop app

  2. To install Requestly Root Certificate on your Mac:

    a. Navigate to Connected Apps in the sidebar and choose target Everywhere: System Wide

    b. Enter system password if prompted

    c. Ensure that the Install & Trust Certs step is successful

    Install and trust certs on macOS

  1. Note the proxy URL and port shown at the top of the App. This is where requestly is running it's proxy and where you need to redirect your traffic to from iOS emulator

    Requeslty proxy IP and Port

  2. Open XCode and choose your project. In the menu click Product > Scheme > Edit Scheme

    Edit XCode project schema

  1. Set enivronment variables http_proxy and https_proxy to the proxy URL given by Requestly (refer step #3)

    Set environment proxy variables

  1. Start the emulator Xcode > Open Developer Tool > Simulator

    Launch Simulator

  2. To verify the proxy settings: Open Safari and navigate to If it says Success, all good till now Else retry from Step 2

    Proxy success message

  1. Now you need to install Requestly's Root Certificate in the emulator

    a. In Safari, navigate to (Use http here, not https) and tap Allow to download the Requestly Root Certificate

    Allow safari to download certificate

    b. After downloading the certificate, navigate to General in Settings and choose Device Management

    iOS General Setting

    c. Open RQProxyCA and click Install

    Install custom profile

  2. Since this certificate has been installed, we need to mark it as trusted. Navigate to Settings > About > Certificate Trust Settings and enable trust for RQProxy CA

    Download custom profile

  1. Once the certificate has been trusted, you can now intercept traffic using Requestly and create rules to modify them as required

    Emulator intercepted by Requestly

You should now be able to see your rules being applied in the traffic table inside Requestly.

But here are a few more tips to fully utilize requestly with the debugging tools that iOS simulator offers

Open native Web Inspector or Developer Tool for Safari

In case you want to also see the requests in the safari devtools of your simulator:

  1. Launch Safari in iOS Simulator:

  2. Launch Safari on your mac and navigate to Develop in the menu bar,

  3. Find your Simulator device and tap the webpage you want to inspect.

    Select the page that you want to debug

    Safari devtools on emulator

Bypass CORS for Safari running in simulator

You might sometimes run into CORS issues when trying to apply rules during debugging.

To disable CORS for safari inside the iOS simulator:

  1. Navigate to the Develop menu in Safari and

  2. Check Disable Cross-Origin Restrictions and Local FIle Restrictions

    Disable CORS checks on safari