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Know if a rule executed on the page

Once you have enabled a Requestly rule to modify some part of a network request or the page, next thing you would like to do is to confirm if the rule executed successfully.

Here are multiple ways to know if a rule executed on a page.

Extension icon turns green

If any of the rules executes on the current page, the Requestly icon in the extension toolbar (next to the address bar) will turn from a normal icon requestly icon to a green icon requestly green icon.

extension toolbar

Executed rules tab in popup

  1. Open the extension popup by clicking on the Requestly icon in the extension toolbar.
  2. Switch to Executed rules tab.

All the rules which executed in the current page will be listed in this tab.

executed rules

Logs in browser console

Whenever a rule is applied, Requestly can print a log in browser console mentioning:

  • details of the intercepted network request
  • name of rule which was applied

To enable, toggle ON the setting Enable console logs from

console log setting

To open browser console logs:

  1. Right-click on the page and select Inspect.
  2. Switch to Console tab.
console log

Requestly devtool

  1. Right-click on the page and select Inspect.
  2. Switch to Requestly tab.
  3. Reload the page.

It should list all intercepted network requested which were modified by Requestly, alongwith the link to rule and the summary of modification.


Note: Unless the page is reloaded with the devtool opened, it cannot capture the network requests. This is a browser limitation.

Rule execution logs

You may also check the execution logs for a rule individually.

  1. Go to Requestly app and open the rule.
  2. In the footer, click Execution Logs tab.

It should list all the network requests modified by this rule.

rule execution log

Note: You need to click on Refresh button each time to see the updated results.