Backup Data
We auto backup your data at periodic intervals. You can restore the data in case of data loss. This is a premium-only feature
The automatic backups are saved every 7 days. You can see your saved backups from the Data Backup tab available on the side bar.
If you want to manually backup your data, you can do so by clicking on the button labelled Backup Your Data on the backup menu. You can create a new backup every 6 hours.
Currently, we only save the last 3 backups, you can restore your data from the any of the available backups using the Use Backup button.


  • This is a premium-only feature.
  • When you restore data using a backup, it does not replace your existing rules.
  • But, if the same rule exists in the backup as well as in your current rules, the current version of the rule will be rewritten with the rule present in the backup.
  • Automatic Backups happen every 7 days. You can manually create a new backup every 6 hours.
  • We only save the last 3 backups
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