Shared List
Frequently Asked Questions regarding Shared List

Can I update rules in my Shared List ?

No. Once rules are shared, they can not be modified. However, a user can import the rules in Shared List, Modify them and create a new shared list.

Can I share my list privately with other users ?

When Rules are shared, you get a Public Url. Any Requestly user having the Url can view the Shared List. It’s upto you to maintain the privacy of the generated url.

How many Shared Lists I can create ?

A user is allowed 10 Shared Lists at the moment. We will increase the limit depending upon usage and infrastructure needs.

How can I delete a shared list ?

You can manage sharedLists by clicking on SharedLists options in side rail.

What will happen if I import my own shared list ?

All the rules present in shared list will override rules which were shared. All other rules will remain unaffected.
Last modified 1yr ago