• Integrated the client sdk in your app. Follow steps here if you haven't

Generate SDK Key

1. Navigate to 'mobile-interceptor'

Click on 'Mobile Interceptor' on the left side bar in Requestly.

2. Go To Mobile Interceptor Settings

Click on Mobile Interceptor settings icon. Here you can configure the SDK Key and Device Id

3. Create New Key

To generate a new SDK Key, click on Create New Key. This will create a new SDK Key which you can use in client SDK (Android/IOS)

View Requests

After setting up the SDK on your android app, you need to first select the device from which requests need to be listened.

1. Copy DeviceId from Notification

Copy the device id from the notification panel of your device (Requestly SDK generates a unique id for each app you add SDK to)

2. Add deviceId in mobile interceptor settings

Go to mobile interceptor settings and then paste the copied deviceId from your device.

3. Enable Interception from device

Go to the notification on your device and then click on Connect button to enable the requestly interceptor.

Modify Requests

1. Create Rules

Create rules by navigating to 'HTTP Rules' tab the left side bar in Requestly.
There are many different types of rules available. You can learn about them from here

2. See if rules are applied or not

Navigate back to mobile-interceptor. All the requests that are affected by any rules will get highlighted