Premium Subscription

For individuals and Teams
Subscribe to one of our Premium plans to get the most of Requestly. Premium plans for available for individuals and teams of users. Each one is billed separately.

For Individuals (Personal Subscription)

To purchase a personal plan, head over to our Pricing page, choose the duration (monthly or annual) and click Upgrade button to navigate to the checkout page.
On Checkout page check the order summary and provide your Billing Address (also available under Account settings) and card details (handled by our secure payment processor, Stripe). Click Activate Subscription to complete the checkout.
To view your subscription status and invoices, navigate to Manage Personal Subscription. Any invoice payment requiring 3D Authentication (usually EU customers) or OTP verification (for Indian customers) can completed here.

Update Payment Method

To update your card details, click Update Payment Method button under your subscription settings. For security reasons, you can't view your existing card details. Provide the new card details and click Save to update the payment method.

Change or Cancel Subscription

To modify your subscription plan, click Change Plan button under your subscription settings. Select the new plan duration or click Cancel button to cancel your subscription.

For Teams

Teams provide one subscription for all your team members. As of now, Teams do not provide collaboration on Requestly features like Rules, Files, etc.
You can create or join multiple teams and each Team is billed separately. To purchase a team plan, head over to My Teams page and select your team. If you have not already created a team, click Create New Team and give team a name (eg. Testing L2).
Since a Team subscription is shared with all its members, you can add or remove members before or after activating the subscription.
Activate Team Subscription
To activate subscription for a team, navigate to team management page and click View Plans under Billing section. Verify the order summary and complete the checkout.
If your card requires 3D Auth or OTP verification, click Pay Now under the Invoices section.

Add a Member

On your Teams management page, click Add Member button and provide user's email address to add user to the Team. Once a team member is added, subscription would be shared with the user.

Remove a Member

To remove user from a Team, click the Remove icon next to user's name. Subscription would no longer be shared with that user.

User Roles

Team Owner
Team Admin
Team Member
A team owner is the user who created the team. A team can only have one owner and it can be changed later on. A team owner can:
  • Use the subscription
  • View or Pay Invoices
  • Change or Cancel subscription for whole team
  • Update Payment Method
  • Add or Remove Other Members
  • Change Member Roles
A team can have multiple admins. A member can be granted the Admin role by the owner or another admin. A team admin can:
  • Use the subscription
  • View or Pay Invoices
  • Add or Remove Other Members
  • Change Member Roles
A team member can be added by admin or the team owner. A team member can only use the subscription.
Update Payment Method
Only the team owner can update the payment method. Click Update Payment Method button under the Team billing section and provide the new card details.
Change or Cancel Subscription
Only the team owner can change or cancel the subscription plan for the team. To do so, click the Change Plan button on Manage Teams page.


What if I'm not ready to upgrade? If you have more than 5 users, you can request a free 7-days trial. Please write to Sachin at [email protected].
Can I be a member of multiple Teams? You can create or join multiple Teams. Team with the longest subscription would be selected automatically.
Can I upgrade from Individual subscription to a Team subscription? Yes. Cancel your individual subscription after activating a Team subscription and we'll refund the adjusted amount of Individual subscription.
What payment methods are accepted? We use Stripe to handle payments and subscriptions. Stripe accepts most of the credit and debit cards including VISA, MasterCard and AmEx.
UPDATE: Recently some of our premium users have reported issues while using their American Express and Discover cards. You are advised to checkout using a VISA or MasterCard instead. Else write to us at [email protected] and we'll explore other options for you.
Why do I need to provide my address? The address you would provide will be used for Billing purpose only. It is only shared with our payment handler, Stripe.
My subscription does not get activated after payment. While most of the subscriptions get activated instantly, some banks take some time to confirm the payment status. You can Refresh your subscription to request an update.
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