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Replay Recording

If a recording link has been shared with you, you can access it in browser even without installing the browser extension.

Replay recording

Below details are captured in the debugging session:

  1. Page URL - The URL of the webpage where recording started.
  2. Video - A video of all user interactions like mouse movements, clicks, text input, etc. You may play/pause or jump to any point of time in the video.
  3. Recorded At - The start timestamp of the recording.
  4. Duration - The time duration for which the session was recorded.
  5. Description - A description about the recording entered by the author.
  6. Console logs - The logs printed by website in browser console.
Console logs
  1. Network logs - The network traffic of APIs invoked from the website. The headers are not captured as they may contain sensitive information.
Network logs
  1. Environment details - The environment details like browser name/version, OS, platform, viewport, language, etc.
Environment Details