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Debug Like a Pro

Browser Extension
Desktop App
Session Recording
Mock Server
API Client

Browser Extension

Lightweight Web Debugging Proxy to Modify HTTPs Request & Response. Supported in all major browsers.

Redirect Request

Redirect APIs/Scripts from one environment to another (e.g. Prod to Staging).

Modify Headers

Add, Delete or Override Request & Response Headers.

Modify API Response

Develop frontend when backend isn't ready or Modify existing API response on production environment.

Insert Scripts

Inject custom scripts/styles on external webpages for testing/demo purposes.

Desktop App

Cross Platform Desktop App with all the Network debugging capabilities. Supports Mac, Windows, Linux.

Debug Safari

Inspect & Modify requests from Safari Browser.

Mobile Debugger

Inspect & Modify your requests from Android/IOS Browsers and apps.

Debug Backend

Inspect & Modify requests from your backend systems.

Session Recording

Data Rich Bug Reporting

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replay Automatic Record Sessions

Directly replay the session without trying to reproduce it again.

Network & Console Logs

Makes the bug report data rich by stitching the console & network logs with the video in the browsing session.

Integrations (Coming Soon)

Directly send bug reports to Jira, Slack, Linear and many more.

Mock & File Server

Easiest & quickest way to host mock APIs & Files (JS, CSS, HTMl) on cloud. One click integration with Requestly Rules.

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Mock APIs

Get working mock REST APIs with custom statuses, route, headers, body, HTTPS Method..

File Server

Get working Mock files (JS/CSS/HTML) and use them anywhere for debugging..

API Client

Test your API endpoints with custom request attributes.

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Make API request

Hit an API endpoint by specifying URL and other request attributes like method, query parameters, body and headers and see the response.

Using History

A history of requests triggered from the API Client is maintained and can be used to replay any request again.

Import from cURL

Load a request in the API Client from a cURL command and replay.

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