Terminal setup

Before starting, make sure that you are using Requestly desktop app. If not, you can download the desktop app from this link.

Setting up the terminal proxy

  • Open Requestly Desktop and move to the connected app section.
  • Click on the Terminal section, which will open a dialog containing all the steps to set up a terminal proxy. Just a single step in this case.
Now copy that command from dialog and paste it into your local terminal.
. <(curl -sS localhost:7040/tpsetup)
Terminal proxy is limited to a session. Closing a terminal may end the proxy session too.
  • Once done, you will see the text as requestly enabled successfully.
  • If yes, then congrats as you have successfully set up proxy in your terminal.

Check whether you terminal proxy is working or not.

  • Move to Network Traffic tab in Requestly desktop app and keep it open side by side with the terminal
  • Now Make a curl request to using your terminal and look for that request in the network interception tab.
  • If you see that curl request getting intercepted in your network interception tab, then your proxy is working successfully.
  • (Hard way) One more way to verify your proxy is to look directly at the curl request result to . If it contains a success keyword, then your terminal proxy is working else, not.