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Inspect Traffic

Requestly's Network Traffic provides you with a powerful tool for inspecting and analyzing network traffic, allowing you to identify potential issues and optimize your application's performance.

Inspecting network traffic is an important aspect of developing and maintaining a high-performance, reliable application. It can be difficult to effectively monitor and analyze network requests and responses, leading to problems like slow page load times, error messages, etc.

With Requestly's network traffic tool, you can monitor network incoming and outgoing traffic. You can gain insight into important details such as :

  • URL
  • HTTP method (e.g. GET, POST, etc.) used for the request
  • request and response headers
  • response payload
  • timing information and more

network traffic table

How to Use

Here's how you can use Network Traffic table to inspect network requests and responses in your app:

  1. Open Requestly desktop app

  2. Click on Connect apps button as shown below

    network traffic table

  3. Select your preferred system app

    network traffic table

    for example, lets open a new Chrome browser instance.

  4. Your network traffic table will now get populated with network requests and responses as you visit any page on your selected system app.

Filtering the traffic table

The traffic table supports filtering based on-

  • method, status code, content type.
  • apps or domains

Traffic table can be searched using keyword as well as using regex.

request right-click
Right-click on request