Managing Library
When you navigate to the library service it will ask you to login using your google account. This is required to prevent abuse of service and to manage/organise your files on Requestly servers.
Upload File
You can upload a file from your file system using upload button.
After you have uploaded a file, you will see a dialog with the details of the file. You can click on Download URL Icon to copy the URL of the file.
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Edit Content
Once you have uploaded your file, you can also edit the content from File Editor. Just Click on Edit File Content button in File Details Dialog as mentioned above and you will see a file editor like this –
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As you can see Requestly File Editor supports a lot of features like :-
  1. 1.
    Syntax Highlighting
  2. 2.
    Error Highlighting
  3. 3.
    Supports Multiple Languages
Create New File
You can also create a new file (JS/CSS/JSON) using Add button on the toolbar. When you click on the toolbar, it will show a dialog to fill file details.
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And now you can add file content which will again take you to file editor.
Q: If I change file content, will the URL change ?
No, You can change file content as many times and your URL will be unaffected. This will make your debugging life easier.

Using Library in Rules

Once you have uploaded your files in Library, you can get the download URL of the file. You can use that URL in Requestly rules like Redirect Rule & Script Rule.
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