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Import from cURL

cURL is a command line tool and library used to transfer data with URLs.

You may load a request in the API Client from a cURL command.


  1. Click Import button in left sidebar. A dialog would open.
  2. Paste the cURL command in the text box.
import curl
  1. Click Import button in the dialog footer. All the request fields parsed from the cURL command will be populated in the API client.

  2. Click Send by editing some of the fields to see the response.

import curl result

Copy cURL from browser Network devtool

  1. Go to the website, right click and select Inspect from the context menu.
  2. Switch to Network tab.
  3. Right click on the request from which cURL is to be copied.
  4. Select Copy > Copy as cURL.
  5. Import the cURL in Requestly to edit and replay.
import curl result